Robert Ashman

Iyengar Yoga Instructor

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Warrior II pose - Virabhadrsana 2


This asana strengthens and extends the legs, ankles, and the groins, and opens up the chest, lungs, and shoulders. It helps to stimulate the abdominal organs and increases stamina. This pose has great therapeutic benefits for carpal tunnel syndrome, flat feet, infertility, osteoporosis, and sciatica.

Robert teaches a range of regular classes to a variety of clients with different abilities.


Each course is 5-8 weeks long but you can also drop-in at any time depending on places.                           for more information.


Robert teaches Level 1 Beginners, Level 1-2 Mixed and Level 3 Intermediate classes.                     or see below for upcoming classes.

I returned to yoga after nearly 10 years and in finding Robert's classes I have rediscovered my love of yoga! I do sports and have always found Iyengar to be my favourite style, as I benefit from working on stretches and flexibility, but also the mindfulness and relaxation it promotes. Robert's classes have a lovely atmosphere that's gentle and encouraging; you can just relax into it, or push yourself further in the postures if you want to.

- Joanna, IT Manager


Contact Robert to find out more about joining the classes or starting a new class in your workplace.





I started in Robbie’s class as a complete beginner about 4 years ago, so I have no other class to compare this to. But I’ve never been tempted to look elsewhere for one – he’s a very motivating teacher and creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in the class. In those 4 years, my sports injuries have improved, together with my flexibility and general fitness. I look forward to this hour and a half every week and Thursday night is always my best night’s sleep of the week!

- Andrew

I have been doing yoga for at least 12 years with a variety of different teachers. For the last 5, I have been in Robert's class and now I would never change! He is an excellent teacher - friendly and funny but also very firm - he works us hard. Every participant gets lots of individual attention and Robbie adapts the poses to suit your level of ability. A great class with a great teacher.

- Juliet

Sometimes it seems like a bit of an effort to go to a Yoga class but I always feel better having done one with Robert. Great at talking his students into poses and perfecting them through example and instruction; his classes are a mixture of discipline and good humour. I have practised Yoga for about six years with Robert and appreciate the individual attention and help everyone gets due to the size of the group. It is not overcrowded like so many Yoga classes are.

- Jamie

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